About the artist

After 17 years writing bios that I am not really sure people even read, for this web redesign (incidentally the 200th or so over the years,) I am going to just put a few fun facts. 


  • When I was 5 years old, I was a runway model for J.C. Penny. I even got to hug Big Bird during one of the shows, which of course was a huge deal!


  •  The first painting I ever sold was called "Inside", a 30x40x1.5 inch oil on canvas I painted in November of my Sophomore year at college, 2002. It was an impasto, brightly colored image of the spine and kidneys. I used literally 12 tubes of oil paint on the piece and had to hang it wet for one of the campus art shows, with a note asking people not to touch it (since everyone wanted to!)  I listed the painting on Ebay and sold it for 75.00. I am positive I spent more on the paint and canvas than I made selling the piece.


I know it's blurry, it was 2002 and I had a brick of a digital camera to work with!
  • I used to have a *really* hard time letting go of my art. I think it was because I loathe blank walls. In 2012, I started my own art collection of artists whose work I admire and have filled my living room and dining room with art. I currently have 50 originals hanging between the two rooms! Now I find it almost impossible to keep my own work. 

 My collection consists of mostly pop surrealist artists. Art Money did an interview with me about my collection you can see HERE.


  •  My favorite place I've traveled to is Iceland! It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen, and it felt like home. I can't wait to go back.

That's me on a glacier taking a picture of a glacier!


  • When I showed my art in 2010 in Manhattan at the World Monument Fund Gallery at the Prince George Ballroom, my show was almost removed due to nudity. Thing is...all I painted was nudes. I didn't start painting my Starry Night works until 2013! I was told by the gallery facilitator last minute that I would need to paint "conservative nudes". I had to scrap a whole litany of originals slated for the show that were too risqué, and basically start over.


Not nude nudes.

Even though I painted a whole show of not nude nudes, the manager of the gallery still took issue with my work and it was removed early. The most ironic part? The gallery was literally one door down from the Museum of Sex.


  • I've been interviewed a bunch of times regarding my Starry Night artworks and what inspired my "van Gogh Never" series of works. Some people seem to not believe me when I say people have misattributed my work to such an extent that I've had to actually prove my art isn't van Gogh's. Historical sidebar - van Gogh never saw the Eiffel Tower finished. He'd already left Paris by the time it was unveiled for the World's fair in 1889 and he never returned. Below is a picture of an educational site that attributed my Eiffel Tower painting to van Gogh, and was actively teaching children that my painting was an actual van Gogh. The internet is a weird place sometimes.
*Kids faces blurred to protect the innocent!


For reference, here's my painting.
Seine, 2011, Not Vincent van Gogh (obviously. Or so I thought.)

 Seine, 2011. Not van Gogh.


  • I am not a pet owner. I did have a Samoyed named Pooh Bear who was my partner in crime in my early teens. He was only in my life for about 18 months when he passed but up to that point we did everything together. My family had moved to a farm in the middle of no where and Pooh and I spent hours and hours exploring. One day we walked 10 miles together. It was incredibly traumatic when he passed and truth be told, I still haven't gotten over it. I knew for the Starry Night Dogs project I would need to paint a Samoyed at some point. It took about 40 paintings into the series before I was able to, but I finally did. It's not so much a Starry Night piece, though, as I added the Northern Lights to the sky in tribute. It's the only original in the series I decided to keep.