If your question is not answered below, please email sagittariusgallery@gmail.com and I will get back to you within 24 hours. Thank you!


General shipping questions -

When will my order ship?

  • Original paintings - 1-3 business days 
  • Unframed Prints - 3-6 business days
  • Framed Prints - 3-6 business days
  • Canvas Prints - 3-6 business days
  • Phone Cases - 2-5 business days
  • Mugs - 3-6 business days


Original paintings are shipped direct from my Scotia, NY studio. All other products are printed professionally offsite and will ship from North Carolina or California for domestic customers or Barcelona and Latvia for customers from international locations. This is to ensure the vast majority of you won't have to pay large duty taxes or experience customs delays. Some will though, please read below for more info on international purchases.




How long will it take to receive my order?

Shipments within the US - Original paintings will take between 3-6 business days to receive domestically after shipment. All other items will take between 3-10 business days to receive domestically.

International shipments -  Anywhere from 7-25 business days. This is largely due to the amount of time packages spend in customs. Please see more regarding international purchases below.




Will you ship my order as a gift to a different recipient?

Yes! Add your item(s) to the bag and then click the little bag icon at the top right of the page to start checkout. Once on that page, please add your gift message in the text box below your chosen items labeled "add a note to your order". Click the checkout button. Then put the recipients address in the ship to field instead of your own. Then make sure your bill to address is yours. 

That's it! The package will be sent straight to the gift recipient and the gift message will be included. No pricing / invoice will be included in the package - just the gift message. 

Make sure you let the recipient know who the package is coming from in your message - I have had people reach out asking me to tell them who sent them a gift from my shop, and I am legally obligated to withhold customer information for privacy reasons, so the recipient won't know who it's from unless you tell them!





I used the wrong shipping address! What now?

If you didn't realize the wrong address was on your order and you contact me before the item ships, I may be able to change the address on the order.

If you contact me after it has shipped, I'm sorry, there is nothing I can do. I can not change the address on an already shipped package. If it is returned to me, I can re-send - but you will need to pay to have it reshipped. If I don't receive it back, this becomes a matter between you and the post office / individual residing at the address the package was delivered to.




What happens if my package goes missing?

It is SUPER RARE for a package to fall off the radar, but it can happen.

A package is not considered missing until 30 days after shipment. Tracking is included with all purchases, and if tracking stops for an extended period of time (10 business days domestically, 30 days internationally) I can put a trace on it and have USPS search specifically for it.

Please note - Once the package tracking states that it has been delivered, our responsibility has ended as the package has been successfully delivered according to the shipper. Please ensure you have a safe place for your packages to be left. If you worry about your package being stolen from your porch, please reach out and I will ensure signature delivery is required. This option is available for an additional fee.

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS - A package is NOT considered missing if it is simply held in customs. That is between you and your country, and I have no power over how long they hold your package in customs. Please though reach out if your package tracking has not moved in 30 days. A new package will be sent should yours go missing.




Tracking states my item was delivered but I never received it. What now?

I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble locating your package. Please check around your house to see that it wasn't left in an inconspicuous spot or, say in the case of rolled prints in tubes, that it didn't roll under some bushes, the porch, etc. Ask your neighbors, sometimes the postal carrier gets mixed up and delivers packages to nearby houses by mistake. 

If you live in an apartment building, please ask your neighbors as well as contact your super / building owner. If you had it sent to your office, please ask the mailroom.

Still can't find it? You will need to contact your local post office with the tracking number to work with them. All items that have been marked delivered to the confirmed address on the order are considered successfully delivered.




My item arrived damaged. What do I do?

Please contact me immediately and take pictures of the packaging and the damaged product. Please send those along in an email to sagittariusgallery@gmail.com with your order number.

A new product will be sent asap to replace the damaged one. 

If it is an original painting that was damaged, I can not send a new one - a refund will be remitted. But I will need all images of packaging to file an insurance claim. I will also need it to be returned to me (unless it is completely destroyed, in which case I will need pics.) It is rare something like this happens, but it is not outside the realm of possibility.




I received the wrong item, what now?

Another rare occurrence, but it has happened! Should you receive something different from what you ordered, please take a picture of what was received with the packing slip and email sagittariusgallery@gmail.com. The correct item will be shipped ASAP. No need to return the incorrect item - keep or discard as you see fit.




International shipping questions - 

I am an international customer - will I be charged customs / duty fees?

Many countries assess duties and taxes on imported packages. Sometimes these fees can be quite high. If you are uncertain of the amount that you could be assessed, you might want to check on it and cancel the order if you think this could be a problem. After I confirm shipment, the cancellation option is no longer available.

Here is a link to give you the approximate costs (you will need to cut and paste this link):

Generally, you will use "photographic print", "canvas print", or "original painting" as the product description. I can't confirm the accuracy of this calculator, but it should give you a general idea. There might also be a handling charge. Ask your post office.




Will you mark my order as "Gift" so I won't have to pay any customs fees?

No. It is illegal and I will not risk my business over it. Please do not sellers to do this. I will not do it, ever.




I am an international customer, talk to me about customs and how long it will take to receive my package.

I ship as soon as possible - please see above for estimated fulfillment times for each type of product. Please understand though that I am *not* in charge of how long a package takes to make it through your country's customs. Please allow time for your package to clear customs and make its way to you. I can't make it go any faster, and you have tracking to show exactly where it is along the journey to you.

Collecting your package is your responsibility - please keep an eye on tracking and keep an eye out for any notes from your postal service about package collection, as duty fees / customs fees may need to be paid before they can give you the package. I will not mark your order as a gift - that would be a crime and I will not risk my business. If a package is returned to me because it was unclaimed, it will be held until arrangements are made for the package to be reshipped at your expense.






Can I return my purchase?

Please email sagittariusgallery@gmail.com with any problems you have with your purchase. I make every effort to present images of each painting that is as close to the original artwork as possible through digital means. Colors will be slightly different from monitor to monitor in some cases due to different monitor color, contrast, and brightness settings. If you are dissatisfied in any way with your purchase please email me and I will do my best to rectify the situation. I want my collectors to be happy with their purchase!! Every situation is unique and will be evaluated individually. Please note that return shipping on no longer wanted items are the buyer's responsibility and a restocking fee of 25% will be deducted from the refund should a return be authorized.


Please note there is a no return policy on custom items such as commissioned paintings and custom ornaments.




I purchased the wrong type of phone case, can I exchange it?

I'm really sorry but I do not accept exchanges on phone cases. These are printed on demand. Please be sure of what model phone you are purchasing for.






General art questions - 


Are the prints signed?

Sorry, no. These are sent straight from the professional printer to you. That's how I am able to keep prices low for you. I only offer signed prints through the gallery circuit and in brick and mortar locations.




What's the difference between Photo Paper, Watercolor Paper and Canvas prints?

Photo paper is glossy and smooth. They are printed on heavy photo paper and have a gloss sheen. They need to be framed.

Watercolor paper is lightly textured with a matte finish. The texture is the paper only - it's the same paper artists use to paint watercolor paintings on! They need to be framed.

Canvas prints are ready to hang, stretched around bars and mounted. The canvas wraps around the sides of the bars and the image continues on the sides so there is no need to frame unless you want to.

None have the texture of the paint - I can not find a printer to offer this at a reasonable price.

All are saturated in gorgeous color - it just depends on your personal preferences!




How do I care for my art?

Original paintings - Originals are thickly painted oil paintings on canvas - because they are so thickly painted, they are not varnished, as varnish would stop the curing process of the paint (oil paint cures like cement, rather than drying.) One year after purchase it would be good to varnish the painting. It's best not to frame these oil paintings behind glass - but if you do, remember to not frame behind glass until the painting is guaranteed to be fully cured.


All wall art - Ensure you do not hang paintings or prints in direct sunlight to ensure longevity of the pigments. Dust the artwork periodically with a soft microfiber cloth. Do not use chemicals to clean your artwork.


Phone cases - Please note they are dye sublimated directly onto the plastic and do not have a covering over it. Do not clean with alcohol based products as the image will come off. 


Mugs  - They are dishwasher and microwave safe!



Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes! Please note there is a minimum quantity that must be ordered to take advantage of wholesale prices. Please reach out to sagittariusgallery@gmail.com with your inquiry.




Custom Art Requests

Where can I find more information on commissioning you for a custom painting?

Please click HERE for all custom painting info. Please note the only custom work I am currently accepting is animals in Starry Night inspired paintings. I am not accepting commissions for nudes.




Can you make a custom print / change the color of a dog in one of your prints / print my pet onto your products?

All products in my store that aren't original paintings are printed from images of my original paintings I painted on canvas with oil paint - these aren't digital images, so they aren't easily edited. If I haven't physically painted an image, I can't offer it as a print product. I do offer custom original paintings if you are interested - see above!