Message to Sagittarius Gallery Etsy Customers

Thanks for your message! We are taking a little break to enjoy the holiday season. This has been an especially difficult year for everyone and there comes a point where self care become paramount. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers to those questions.

If your order has not shipped yet - rest assured, it will soon!  The pandemic and unprecedented holiday rush has lead to some delays industry wide. Some items may take a few business days longer to fulfill than was estimated. Unfortunately, I have no control over this. If your item arrives late because it shipped later than the estimated shipment time frame in your transaction receipt, you may return your product to me for a full refund. This does not apply to items sent within the expected fulfillment time frame and arrive late because the shipper delivered it late. My responsibility is in fulfillment. Being in month 10 of this pandemic, shipping issues have been ongoing and should not be a surprise. I am not personally responsible for USPS delays.


If you ordered an ornament and are wondering where it is - I have sent several messages to every patron who purchased ornaments throughout the past weeks. The most recent update stated the following: "I received notice from my printer of the following - "For customers that want to wait until after the 25th, we will see ornaments produced and shipped within the first few weeks of January"

Ornaments will be fulfilled - it will be in the first few weeks of January though. If you would prefer to cancel at any point, please reach out and a refund will be issued. Otherwise, expect for your order to be fulfilled in January and tracking sent then. I really appreciate your continued patience and understanding!"


If tracking was sent but has not updated at all - Please note that shipping carriers (i.e. USPS, UPS, DHL, etc.) are experiencing a much higher than normal volume of shipments. Due to this, you may not see your tracking information update and you may experience delays in receiving your order. Once packages are shipped, they are unfortunately out of our control. We have the same tracking information provided to you in your shipping confirmation email.

Please rest assured that once you receive tracking information from me, your package is indeed on its way to you. I have been advised by the carriers that delayed packages and packages that do not get scanned for tracking updates are indeed en route to delivery.

A package is not considered missing until tracking has not updated or the package has not delivered within 25 business days from the date of shipment. Business days do not include weekends or holidays. If it has been 25 business days since the package was shipped and it has not been delivered, a new package will be sent or full refund issued  - whichever you prefer.

If tracking states it was delivered but you can not find it - please speak to your postal carrier - a delivered package to the address on the order that you can't locate is a matter between yourself and the post office (or neighbors - they might have it!)


If you are interested in a commissioned painting - Please see here

There is a 3 month wait list currently and I only paint pets. Please reach back out to me in January to secure a spot.


Anything ordered on the site now will ship within the time frames specified in the listing / policies. Nothing ordered now will make it in time for Christmas.

If your question is an urgent matter not addressed in any of the above areas - please reach back out. Please note I will not be responding to messages that are answered through the above means. I have worked day and night since mid November non stop and need to step back. There are things outside of our control, especially this year, and everyone needs to remember grace, patience, and understanding go a long way. It's what the season is about.

Thank you and Happy Holidays!